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A little about 1GCycles
A Little About Us

It started with a passion for riding and all things "Bike". Initially drawn to the simplicity of the "Fixie", we discovered it was more than that. We recognized that is was much more than a sport or hobby, but a lifestyle. From that day forth the journey began.
      Much like garage projects we built our first bikes for experience out of old steel frames and swap meet parts. Realizing what we were really after was the truly custom bike, we began looking for a manufacturer that could offer this. We also wanted to pull the many aspects of the track and fixed gear communities together. Uniting them under one common enthusiasm but riding for different reasons. Wheather you are a person looking to train for the track, improve your cycling fitness, or simply ride the urban jungle. We felt DDiamond could be your catalyst. From that, 1GCycles was born.
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