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   Single Speed or Fixed Gear riding can greatly improve fitness. Training on a one geared bike can help develop pedaling form and technique. A Single Speed workout can also build overall strength and power. Single Speed bikes can be found in every aspect of cycling. For example not only have we seen SS Road bikes in urban jungles across the country but we have also witnessed their emergence in Mountain Biking and Cyclocross. Whether you are a concrete tourer or a wilderness junkie you can take your Single Speed with you. Another benefit to consider pertains to Fixed Geared bikes. By design a Fixie is a locked gear that does not allow for coasting and there for can force the rider to pedal non-stop even when they are trying to slow down. The physical ability to be controlled on your pedals and completely engaged in your pedal stroke can build strength and fine tune your pedaling form. In our opinion one gear can simplify your life and is garauteed to improve your fitness.  
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