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      A track frame is specific to its use. Rigidity is more important than light weight. Frames designed for sprinting are made as rigid as possible, while those for general racing are more aerodynamic.

The governing body, the International Cycling Union (UCI), sets the limits on design and dimensions as well the shape and diameter of the tubes used to construct a track frame.

Typical track frames use 120mm spacing for the rear hub.

the dropout or track ends face rearwards to facilitate chain tension adjustment with very tight clearance in the front of the rear tires that would prevent wheel removal with forward facing dropouts. Frames can be made of steel, aluminium, carbon fiber or titanium. Carbon fiber is most common at the professional level.

Track Racing has a storied past and a star studded heritage. Racing in a velodrome takes as much techinique as it does wattage. For that short moment and distance, a rider can find himself in what most racers call the "Pain Cave". Giving it your all and not just feeling burn but living it, separates this sport from all other forms of cycling

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